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This project aimed to develop remote control and administration tools for professional slotcars tracks, providing functionalities for driver's registration and standings, rental management, championships organization following pre-set rules and lanes voltage supply control (via software).

This control used to be done through a software dated of 1991 and a board connected to a computer, which was responsible for computer-track communication. This board uses ISA bus, a discontinued technology and no longer supported on modern computers. This card is also, a proprietary hardware, produced by an small American company, difficulting a probably replacement. Moreover, it isn't able to control its lanes voltage, requiring the operator to go to track's main control and change it manually though physical buttons.

SlotDuino was developed using Netduino Plus hardware, which has an Ethernet connection (RJ45) and allows management can be done via network, and can even use existing infrastructure.

Key-words: Slot Car; C#; Netduino.

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